Vacation From My Vacation


Seriously, this trip has been totally crazy.  My time in Asia has been an experience far different than any other part of my travels.  It has been extremely challenging at times and absolutely perfect at others.  I have seen and experienced things that I never thought were possible.  For example, spending a month traveling with another person was something I had never done since I prefer to travel alone.  Overall, it was a positive experience.  Yet still after that month, I decided to head to Otres Beach to relax and enjoy some chill time.IMG_0873Even though Sihanoukville is an actual city, of course I ended up somewhat in the middle of nowhere.  Seriously, there is not even an ATM here.  Yet what is funny is that this seems to be a theme of this segment of my travels.  So of course I was not surprised by any of this.  Although I was grateful to be able to take a tuk tuk into town to get to an ATM, it was $7USD to do it.  Other than that, it has been really fantastic to just totally have some “me” time and take a break from running around traveling.IMG_0882Honestly, for the first few days here, I spent most of my time just hanging out by myself since I had not spent much time alone lately.  Yet I still couldn’t help but meet some very cool people and go out a bit.  On one of these nights, I ran into Kate and Braydon, some super cool Canadians I met in Penang on Christmas.  They had given me a lot of excellent information about Cambodia, so it was funny to run into them here of all places!IMG_0952Then on the night of the full moon, I went down to the beach to sit and look at the moon.  This is one of my favorite things to do and I am always so grateful when I am near a beach for a full moon.  While I was sitting there, some locals came over to say hello and brought me a beer.  They were super friendly and wanted to practice their English with me.  In fact, I was quite impressed with the English skills of the one guy who kept telling me all kinds of things about Cambodia such as the fact that Ankor Wat is run by the Vietnamese.IMG_0965Besides processing and reflecting upon all that I have experienced in Southeast Asia, I was also waiting to hear back from my boss in Paris.  Yet instead of feeling all stressed out, I have been focusing on trusting the Universe and believing that it is all working out in the perfect way.  At last I did hear back from her, and she said I can still live in that studette (unfortunately with the still not fixed shower drain) and she is not sure of how much work she has for me.  Yet as I sat and thought about it all, I decided that since Europe is where I really want to live, I certainly can’t pass up an opportunity to live there for another three months.  Somehow, someway, I will find a way to make my Paris round two a success!


About Cristin's Adventures

I love adventures! Travel, culture, language, and random fun are what makes my world go round! After living in Phoenix, Arizona for nine years, I decided that I needed CHANGE! So I moved to Málaga, Spain for a teaching job that turned out to be a scam. After renting an apartment and looking for work there, I moved to Brussels to look for employment because I thought that since it is the language center of Europe, perhaps I would have better luck there. Although Brussels was pretty cool, and I certainly took advantage of its central location to take some trips to Wroclaw, Amsterdam, and Paris, I decided to take a bus from Brussels to Prague, and then made my way down to Rome. From there, I took a flight to Buenos Aires and spent a few months there teaching business English. Of course I had an absolute BLAST in that city, but due to the fact that it is NYC expensive and I made next to nothing, I decided to take a job in Istanbul. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a somewhat frightening disaster to say the least! Therefore, I decided to travel on to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panamá, and Colombia. After that I went to Canada to see some family, then flew to Berlin and traveled from there to Athens though the Balkans and some of Eastern Europe before moving to Paris. In the last year, I have also traveled to Southeast Asia, Egypt, the UK, Ireland, and now Lebanon!

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