Eight and a half hours anywhere is pretty boring to me!


On our last morning in Phu Quoc, we took a ridiculously expensive $25USD ride to catch our ride to the pier and then we got on the ferry.  Then we had breakfast while waiting for our Cambodian visas.  Even when I told them I did not want to give them my passport and wanted to do it myself, they said everyone had to give them their passports.  Luckily, it all worked out and we got our passports back no problem, however, they almost gave Juho back a Finnish woman’s passport!  So it is always a little scary to me to hand over that passport and I therefore don’t really care for it!

Another strange occurrence in this trip was the fact that it was the only time in all of my travels that I have been asked to show my yellow vaccination card.  People who did not have one each had to pay to see the doctor.  So that was interesting, but luckily uneventful because I had my card with me.

Along the trip I met some really sweet Chilean girls and they were telling me that I should come and work in Chile.  They were telling me about schools and how it is to live there.  Of course this got me thinking because I really do love South America and I have never been to Chile.  In addition to this, just speaking Spanish with them reminded me of how much I miss Latin America!  Even though I have really learned to chill out a lot, for whatever reason on this day I was feeling worried about what is going to happen with Paris and my future.  Usually I just remind myself to focus on the present moment, but I have to face reality that in April I have to start making some money, wherever that may be!  Since I am still waiting to hear from my boss in Paris to confirm that she does indeed have work for me, I am of course thinking about options and such, just in case.  So it was really wonderful to chat with these Chilean girls and it immediately made me feel better to think of yet another exciting option.IMG_0864At last we arrived in Sihanoukville, the place that Juho had talked up so much to me, I was pretty much expecting it to be the best place ever!  When we arrived at this Finnish guesthouse that he knew of, I must say I was much less than impressed even for ACAP (as cheap as possible) traveling.  Seriously, even taking a shower was an ordeal because the water hardly dripped out.  Yet, I was finally able to get the job done and we headed out to see his friends.

Although the night started off well enough, it got super strange rather quickly.  Besides the first night I was in Istanbul (at the weirdest New Years Eve party ever) Couchsurfing with a Turkish family, I think it was the night with the least English, Spanish, or French.  Here and there, someone would say something to me in English and I even had a few conversations.  However, it was mostly all Finnish.  Plus, these people can drink.  I mean, a drink or even a few is one thing.  Yet on this night, we went out at 8:00pm and didn’t leave that bar until 4:30am, which is pretty damn boring to me!  Seriously, I don’t really want to sit anywhere for eight and a half hours.  That is like a workday!  I had definitely had enough, but Juho went somewhere else and did not come back to the guesthouse until 3:00pm the next day.  Then five minutes later he was drinking yet another beer and I decided that he can party like a rockstar, but I have other things I would rather be doing with the remaining few weeks of my holiday.


About Cristin's Adventures

I love adventures! Travel, culture, language, and random fun are what makes my world go round! After living in Phoenix, Arizona for nine years, I decided that I needed CHANGE! So I moved to Málaga, Spain for a teaching job that turned out to be a scam. After renting an apartment and looking for work there, I moved to Brussels to look for employment because I thought that since it is the language center of Europe, perhaps I would have better luck there. Although Brussels was pretty cool, and I certainly took advantage of its central location to take some trips to Wroclaw, Amsterdam, and Paris, I decided to take a bus from Brussels to Prague, and then made my way down to Rome. From there, I took a flight to Buenos Aires and spent a few months there teaching business English. Of course I had an absolute BLAST in that city, but due to the fact that it is NYC expensive and I made next to nothing, I decided to take a job in Istanbul. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a somewhat frightening disaster to say the least! Therefore, I decided to travel on to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panamá, and Colombia. After that I went to Canada to see some family, then flew to Berlin and traveled from there to Athens though the Balkans and some of Eastern Europe before moving to Paris. In the last year, I have also traveled to Southeast Asia, Egypt, the UK, Ireland, and now Lebanon!

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