Phu Quoc


From Rach Gia, we took a ferry to Phu Quoc.  On the ferry, some random people asked to take a picture with us and we laughed.  When we arrived on the island, we took a taxi van to find a guesthouse.  Some French people were in there with us, talking about how these other people had said that it was too expensive and that $3 was too much.  Since there appeared to be no other options, we of course took the ride but this made me think about a few things.IMG_0806Prior to visiting Vietnam, I had read and heard a lot about getting ripped off.  During the time that I spent there, I really do not feel that every single person was trying to rip me off, but there were definitely transportation situations that indeed felt like a rip off.  For example, we took this ride and stayed a few days in the main beach area by the city center.  After that, we moved to another place and they charged us $25 for the ride there!  Yet, since there are really no other options, what choice do people have but to go ahead and pay it?  Aside from that, rooms were more expensive on this island than they were even on most of the Thai islands I visited.  I think Ko Phi Phi was the only place where I had a room that cost a few dollars more a night.  In addition to this, food was a bit more pricey than other places and there was clearly not as much going on at night.IMG_0814 IMG_0823 IMG_0850 IMG_0858Still, we took a few days to explore around this island a bit.  On the second day we took a motorbike around and that is when we found this other bungalow and Juho really wanted to move.  So even though I was a little concerned about getting there, I decided to go with the flow and be flexible.  Yet there was really nothing to do there.  Seriously, even the beach was pretty lame.  Then to make matters even worse, on the last day there we were sitting on the beach and suddenly I felt a stick land just behind me.  We looked all around and could not figure out where the stick had come from until we saw this man in the bushes.  He had a camera and was throwing sticks at us.  Then when we saw him, he started making some obscene hand gestures at us.  Really, it was one of the creepiest things that I have seen in my travels.  What did that guy want?  How long was he there?  Plus, I thought it was extremely bizarre that this guy would come around when it was Juho and me there.IMG_0859 Needless to say, seeing Ho Chi Min City and some random places in Vietnam was an experience for which I am very grateful.  Unfortunately, I missed seeing the north due to the fact that the consulate was closed when I was up that way.  So I am happy that I was at least able to see part of the south.  Had I been on my own, I am sure that I would not have stopped at all of these particular places.  However, I had a really wonderful time and enjoyed having someone to travel with to Vietnam.  Interestingly, it was the one place that many experienced traveler friends of mine recommended that I go with another person.  Yet since I have done all of my traveling alone minus five days with my Argentinian friend more than a year ago, I have to say that I was surprised when I actually found someone to come with me.


About Cristin's Adventures

I love adventures! Travel, culture, language, and random fun are what makes my world go round! After living in Phoenix, Arizona for nine years, I decided that I needed CHANGE! So I moved to Málaga, Spain for a teaching job that turned out to be a scam. After renting an apartment and looking for work there, I moved to Brussels to look for employment because I thought that since it is the language center of Europe, perhaps I would have better luck there. Although Brussels was pretty cool, and I certainly took advantage of its central location to take some trips to Wroclaw, Amsterdam, and Paris, I decided to take a bus from Brussels to Prague, and then made my way down to Rome. From there, I took a flight to Buenos Aires and spent a few months there teaching business English. Of course I had an absolute BLAST in that city, but due to the fact that it is NYC expensive and I made next to nothing, I decided to take a job in Istanbul. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a somewhat frightening disaster to say the least! Therefore, I decided to travel on to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panamá, and Colombia. After that I went to Canada to see some family, then flew to Berlin and traveled from there to Athens though the Balkans and some of Eastern Europe before moving to Paris. In the last year, I have also traveled to Southeast Asia, Egypt, the UK, Ireland, and now Lebanon!

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  1. very interesting Cristin!
    good luck with your travels, beautiful pics and landscapes….
    uhmmmm……I am curious,…what was doing that creepiest man???
    was he a wanker???? “obscene hand gestures” hahahaha!!!! Funny!

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