After Phenom Phen, we took a bus to Saigon for just $10USD.  Fortunately, we arrived early in the afternoon and easily found a guesthouse.  Some little old lady found us at the bus stop and she took us down some labyrinth like streets to a place where rooms were $8USD a night.  She and about a million other ladies told me NOT to carry a purse there.  Indeed I had heard the worst about purse snatching in Vietnam, but I was still a little surprised that so many people said it to me.  Yet I have pretty much nada in my purse these days anyhow.  Seriously, half the time it is just a very small amount of cash and toilet paper since you never know what you will get in public bathrooms in these places!  Still, I took their advice and hardly used my purse because I learned my lesson in Chiang Mai!IMG_0690 IMG_0691 IMG_0693 IMG_0694My old friend Adam from Michigan who I used to hang out with when I was in high school lives in Ho Chi Min City.  So he and his girlfriend Tony came to meet us for lunch the next day.  Since I had not seen him since the late nineties, it was pretty cool to catch up with him.  Interestingly, both he and his girlfriend are teaching here and they both seem to really like it.  So it was fabulous to hear about how they ended up here and what it is like to live here in Vietnam.  Then after lunch, we took a walk so they could show us around a bit and then they took us to a market.IMG_0696 IMG_0704 IMG_0705 IMG_0706Many of the sights in Saigon are similar to what I have seen in other places, such as the fact that there are all of these ladies in their pajamas at all hours of the day and night in public places.  However, it is definitely different than the other large cities I have seen in Southeast Asia.  There are all of these tall, narrow buildings and things are more colorful than other places.  Plus, the food is delicious and there are many choices, which is fabulous after some of the bland meals I ate in Cambodia!


About Cristin's Adventures

I love adventures! Travel, culture, language, and random fun are what makes my world go round! After living in Phoenix, Arizona for nine years, I decided that I needed CHANGE! So I moved to Málaga, Spain for a teaching job that turned out to be a scam. After renting an apartment and looking for work there, I moved to Brussels to look for employment because I thought that since it is the language center of Europe, perhaps I would have better luck there. Although Brussels was pretty cool, and I certainly took advantage of its central location to take some trips to Wroclaw, Amsterdam, and Paris, I decided to take a bus from Brussels to Prague, and then made my way down to Rome. From there, I took a flight to Buenos Aires and spent a few months there teaching business English. Of course I had an absolute BLAST in that city, but due to the fact that it is NYC expensive and I made next to nothing, I decided to take a job in Istanbul. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a somewhat frightening disaster to say the least! Therefore, I decided to travel on to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panamá, and Colombia. After that I went to Canada to see some family, then flew to Berlin and traveled from there to Athens though the Balkans and some of Eastern Europe before moving to Paris. In the last year, I have also traveled to Southeast Asia, Egypt, the UK, Ireland, and now Lebanon!

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  1. I so love reading your posts. I live vicariously through you. I also applaud your courage to do this on your own. You are an amazing woman.

  2. I’m not sure if my original post was posted or not. I don’t see it here so I will say it again. I so love reading about your travels. I live vicariously through you. You have a great deal of courage to do this on your own; not many would. I truly admire you, Cristin.

  3. Hahaha! Carrying toilet paper- a lesson I learned in Panama and took with me to Nica! I laughed also because in our po-dunk town women (and some men) wear PJ pants to the grocery all the time! You look happy. Enjoy, mi prima!

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